LLT – day three

Today marks the end of the project’s LLT activities.

The topic that covered the whole day was the methodology for writing the “Livret 2“.
This is the most important file to be written by the candidates and presented in front of the jury for the final interview. The Livret 2 contains all the candidate’s past work information, the detailed experiences, written in the first person, that prompted the candidate to apply for the chosen degree.
There is the possibility of participating in accompanying sessions for the writing of the file that also prepare for the interview in front of the jury.
The work of preparing for the VAE procedure is, therefore, long and requires a lot of attention. care and dedication.

The 3 days were also an opportunity to understand how to adapt the VAE procedure (which has been in place in France for over 20 years) in the project partner countries: Italy, Cyprus, Belgium.
Several points for reflection and comparison emerged, which will be the subject of the next meeting to be held in Potenza on 7 and 8 June.

Stay tuned for more news!

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