A Regulatory Analysis has been developed: it summarizes the state of the art at the regulatory level in the partner countries – Frenche, Italy, Belgium and Cyprus –  and includes a study for the transferability of this approach in other EU countries, as well as the main methods/tools currently used for validating skills and knowledge in lifelong learning in representative European countries participating in the VAE Erasmus+ project of the European Commission. 

Increasing the transparency of qualifications is an essential step in European lifelong learning policy to facilitate greater flexibility in individual learning pathways, thus fostering learner mobility both on an institutional and geographical level. 

The Regulatory Analysis  will analyze how non-formal and informal learning can lead to official recognition and validation of a diploma, degree or certificate in the French VAE system and in four other countries: Belgium, Finland, Italy and Cyprus. the VAE INT project aims at implementing in the partner’s countries the VAE framework based on the French model. 

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