Project result 1 – Regulatory analysis

Project result description

Analysis of the norms that regulate the application of VAE in the partner countries.
The result of this analysis will be a document that summarises the state of the art at regulatory level in the different partner countries. This analysis will also include a working path to be followed for the replicability of the countries after the end of the project.


Result Type

The main objective of the project VAE INT is to disseminate a methodology based on the French VAE model, aiming at validating skills and competencies developed through professional experience (non-formal and informal education). 


Applied methodology

It will be conducted an analysis of the situation on validation process in each partner countries, France, Belgium, Italy and Cyprus, and the laws that regulate the application of the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) in the Partner Countries.  

Result Title
Regulatory analysis.
The project document is available on the project platform at this link: here